Irene After Care Center

education and care when you are not there

Daily Program

Irene Aftercare Centre starts at 14h00 and closes at 17h30 (Monday to Thursday) and 13:30 Fridays on school days including the last day of the term. Should Irene Primary School close early, we will start at the time school closes and end at 17h30. No aftercare service will be provided during school holidays, on public holidays or long weekends.


Mon to Thurs
14:00 to 14:30

Starts 13:30 on Friday

For lunch we serve:

  • milk
  • fruit or vegetables
  • sandwiches:
    • jam
    • marmite
    • fish paste
    • special protein filling

14:30 to 15:30

  • Homework time for ALL aftercare children.
  • All grades are given individual supervision in their respective classrooms.
  • The children who will be attending extramural activities MUST excuse themselves personally from their homework caregiver.
  • A separate supervised homework class will be made available at 15h30.

15:30 to 17:30

  • Supervised play time
  • We have:
    • skipping ropes
    • soccer balls
    • netballs
    • equipment for plenty of other games
  • Provision is also made for rainy days


Fruit juice and sandwiches will be served


Prepare children for the end of day.



IMPORTANT!  ALL children must be collected by 17:30

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