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There are occasions when we need to discipline and guide Learners who are destructive, disrespectful, mean, disobedient, dishonest, use bad / foul language and / or who harm another Learners, etc. The Learners are in our care and we are responsible for their safety and happiness, and we are therefore held responsible for their conduct when you are not there to witness their actions and / or words.  A written warning will be issued to an offender.  We will give a second and final written warning and the serious offenders will be asked to leave the Aftercare Centre.  The full co-operation of the parent(s) / guardian(s) would be appreciated in regard to our discipline policy.

Lunches / Snacks / Drinks:

Fresh lunch, milk and juice are prepared and provided by us daily.  We do try to cater and facilitate a lunch that is nutritious and wholesome.  Parents / Guardians are kindly asked to inform us of any special dietary requirements.  Kindly note that parents / guardians must please supply the required food for the Learner who has a special diet.  It is of vital importance that Learners eat vegetables and fruit as part of a healthy diet and at the Aftercare Centre we ensure that a vegetable and / or fruit forms part of the daily menu (e.g.  carrot sticks, orange quarters, etc.).  We will need to be informed timeously to keep lunch for a Learner / Learners, should they attend extra mural activities or detention, etc. straight after school.  Please bear in mind that the Aftercare Centre cannot prepare food / drinks for individual tastes and needsAlternative lunches / snacks and / or drinks will need to be provided by the parent(s) / guardian(s) if the Learner / Learners cannot eat / drink what is provided.


All communication and correspondence must please be addressed to the Principal, (Ms) Tracy Gibson, telephonically or via email during office hours, i.e.  08h00 to 13h00 on any school day:

(c)        082 415 6909

(o)        012 664 2206

Email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tracy Gibson)

 It is preferred that communication is received via email; however, we are aware that it may become necessary to communicate about attendance, collection, etc. after office hours (i.e.  during Aftercare hours), at which time please contact the Principal on the (c) number provided above.

Security Rules and Regulations:

Aftercare begins immediately after school every school day of the year.  Roll call is done daily.  Should your Learner / Learners not attend Aftercare on any day, kindly let us know telephonically or via email timeously by / before 13h00 on that day that your Learner / Learners will be absent, so that the relevant Staff Member can be advised accordingly.

Class Lists are strictly kept, and parents / guardians / person(s) responsible for collecting a Learner / Learners are required to sign the Learner / Learners out of the Centre upon collection.

Kindly peruse and communicate the following to your Learner / Learners:

  1. Before the Learner / Learners go anywhere, they have to inform a Staff Member.
  2. No Learner will be allowed outside the school grounds at any time.
  3. Please inform us telephonically / via email should your Learner / Learners:
    1. need to leave the Aftercare Centre for whatever reason on any day;
    2. not be attending the Aftercare Centre on any day;
    3. be collected during school or immediately after school; and / or
    4. be collected by anyone other than the persons listed in the Contract (i.e.  parent(s) / guardian(s)).
  4. Please collect your Learner / Learners from the Aftercare Centre.  No Learner / Learners will be allowed to wait at a gate / outside the school.  Please do not hoot when picking up your Learner.  The responsible person collecting your Learner / Learners must announce themselves to the Aftercare Staff Member on duty at the time of collection and sign the Class List accordingly.  No Learner / Learners are allowed to leave Aftercare unsupervised to the awaiting transport.  Only the nominated person(s) will be allowed to collect the Learner / Learners.  We will contact the parent(s) / guardian(s), should the person collecting the Learner / Learners be unknown and the person collecting the Learner / Learners will then need to present an original Identity document before the Learner / Learners will be allowed to leave.
  5. A Learner / Learners must please say goodbye to the Staff Member on duty before they leave.
  6. Every effort should be made to pick up your Learner / Learners on time. The Aftercare closes at 17h30. Failing to abide by the hours, a penalty of R100.00 per Learner per half hour (or part thereof) after 17h45 will be charged for every late collection.  The penalty is payable in cash to the Staff Member on duty upon collection of the Learner / Learners.  If the penalty is not paid at time of collection, it will be added to your Aftercare Account and interest will be charged theretoIf late collection persists, we will need to review Aftercare attendance.  Kindly respect that our Staff Members have families and responsibilities to go to.
  7. No Learner/ Learners will be left alone waiting for a parent(s) / guardian(s) / person(s) responsible for collecting a Learner / Learners.  A Staff Member will be on duty until the last Learner / Learners leave Aftercare.
  8. Please mark all your Learner / Learners’ belongings clearly with their name and surname in a visible place.  Marked lost property that is found will be returned to the Learner / Learners and unmarked items that are found will be kept for a period of time at our discretion, whereafter it will be handed to the School as lost property.
  9. Toys, speakers, games, laptops, mobile phones, etc. are not allowed at the Aftercare.  We will not accept responsibility if these items are lost at Aftercare.  Any items brought to Aftercare are brought at the parent(s) / guardian(s) / Learner(s) own risk.  Money or valuables must please be kept in a safe place until the Learner / Learners are collected.
  10. A Learner / Learners are allowed at the Tuck-shop before Homework Class and are allowed to buy ice-cream from the vendors before Homework Class Mondays to Thursdays only after obtaining consent from a Staff Member, and on Fridays (when there is no Homework Class) consent is still to be obtained from a Staff Member to go to the Tuck-shop or buy ice-cream from the vendors.  Kindly note that the ice-cream Vendors are located outside the school gate.
  11. Please ensure that your Learner has a cap / Sunblock for outside play on hot days.

Homework Class:

  1. It is compulsory for all Grade 1 to 7 Learners to attend Homework Class, whether they have homework or not.
  2. Grade R Learners do not have Homework Class but do have educational play time.
  3. The onus still lies with the parent(s) / guardian(s) for the signing and checking of the homework, tests and studying.
  4. Homework Class is from 14h30 to 15h30 Mondays to Thursdays.
  5. A Learner / Learners are to advise the relevant Staff Member, should there be any reason for him / her not attending the Homework Class.

General Rules:

  1. The School’s cell phone policy is applicable at Afterschool, which means that only communication with parent(s) / guardian(s) are allowed.
  2. No chewing of any bubble gum is allowed.
  3. No playing with dangerous objects will be allowed.
  4. No throwing of sand, stones or any articles that could harm a fellow Learner will be allowed.
  5. No littering is allowed.  The Aftercare Centre is fortunately run off the School premises (eliminating transportation to Aftercare after School).  To ensure that the property is clean for School, all Aftercare Learners are requested not to litter and to assist in keeping the property clean.
  6. No vandalism or destructiveness is allowed.
  7. No disrespect, disobedience and dishonesty will be allowed.
  8. No Learner is allowed to leave the property if not accompanied by a parent, guardian or person responsible for collecting a Learner / Learners, unless the necessary information has been communicated to the Principal, (Ms) Tracy Gibson.
  9. Stealing will not be tolerated.
  10. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  11. Learners are only allowed in the areas designated / pointed out by the Aftercare Staff.
  13. Learners need to have a letter from the relevant Teacher, should a Teacher request a Learner to assist them after school.
  14. Learners are to attend Aftercare immediately after an extra mural activity / detention has ended.
  15. All problems arising at the Aftercare Centre must be reported to the Principal, (Ms) Tracy Gibson, and the matter will then be dealt with by the Principal accordingly.
  16. All First Aid situations will be dealt with by the Staff Members who have been trained in First Aid.
  17. Aftercare Rules apply to all Learners and no exception will be made to any individual Learner or group of Learners at any time.
  18. No Learner is allowed on or behind the pavilions at any time.

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